Our team can handle the build of your home from start to finish.Let us handle the permits, contractors and inspections during the process.Our builders make sure you stay on time and budget "during the build"


Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you on your build the entire way through. We offer phone or on site consultations to our clients through any stage of the build.


Dome Empire offers highly energy efficient, lower cost construction, disaster resistant structures for today's world. learn more about our amazing Products.


Customize your Dome to fit your every need and personality. learn more about our wonderful accessories

“A revolutionary building that is quickly becoming popular across the globe” Introducing the most revolutionary building structure that is taking the world by storm. Our Dome structure is impervious to natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the shape is naturally wind resistant. Our Dome has an endless amount of uses and is eco-friendly, energy efficient, easy to construct, and affordable. Also our beautiful Dome can be used in back yards, as single family homes, as in-law quarters, game rooms, storm shelters, etc. Our products build affordable and safe structures. Our products emphasize ease of construction, while made from materials that do not grow mold or are affected by fire, and the elements. You can own one of our Dome structures for less than you thought possible. Contact us today for a free quote

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Dome Empire’s standard product is our 314sq ft standard Dome Kit made from 4 ½ inches thick EPS (expanded polystyrene) material. The Dome kit includes 8 sections which are fastened together to make the shape. Each section comes pre-fabricated with the wire mesh installed and ready for structural plaster. Our Domes can be elongated or connected using our panels to make larger spaces. The design options are virtually endless. We also offer customization of Dome sizes up to 1000 sq ft . CLICK HERE  for a free quote on your customized Dome


  • Internal Diameter: 19.68ft / 6 Mts
  • Height Max to center: 10ft / 3 Mts
  • Useful Area: 314.16 sq ft / 28.30 Mts
  • Unfinished EPS Wall Thickness: 4 ½ inches
  • Unfinished Dome Weight: 330 lbs / 150Kgs

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  • Excellent survivability against natural disasters
  • Non-flammable
  • Mold does not grow on our materials
  • No Termites
  • Rapid Construction
  • Our materials are considered to be among the “greenest” building alternatives in today market
  • Self Insulated
  • Energy efficient HUGE energy savings
  • Works well with water collection
  • Easy to maintain

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THE MULTI PURPOSE DOME…. So what can a Dome be used for? Not only can you build your house with our Domes, but you can also use them for anything your heart desires! You can personalize your Dome to fit your specific needs and wants. Whether you want to make an addition to your home or make the perfect game room in your back yard, the Dome is perfect for you. Below are a few examples of what a Dome can be used for, the options are endless !!

-Theater Room -Business -Bar -Room Addition -Rental Communities -Disaster Center/Safe room -Cabana -Garage -Game Room -Animal Shelter -Art Studio -Radio Station -Kennel -Beach House -Guest Suite -Wine Cellar -Hobby Room -Concession Stand -Ice Cream Parlor -Mother In-Law Suite
-Utility Room -Home Office -Mud Room -Gourmet Kitchen -Pool house/Spa -Sun Room -Green House -Gym -Music Studio -Storage -Play House -Dining Room Dome -Rental Communities -Any Business -Whatever you want! The list goes on!
We now live in a world where energy efficient , low cost and green products are highly sought after, making our Domes perfect for today’s markets all over the world. Here at Dome Empire we manufacture Domes that are virtually indestructible and resistant to tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fire, mold and pests. They are technically super insulated, concrete and steel enforced structures. The curve of the dome makes it stronger than virtually any other structure and requires 50% less materials than traditionally built rectangular buildings. Self assembly of the dome kits are so simple that people can be trained in a matter of hours and Dome Communities can be constructed in a fraction of the time of conventional housing, allowing investors a faster return on their investment. Learn more about how owning a Dome can benefit you
Dome Empires offers products and turn key service that makes us the industry leader, in turn making your experience with us hassle free. We provide construction, consultation, planning, and training services. We handle sales from the initial order to expedited shipment. We also offer phenomenal distributor programs to those savy investors who seek the opportunity to distribute our products in their selected regions. Special In House financing is also available on a case by case scenario. Read more about what Dome Empire has to offer
-Distributor positions are now being accepted both foreign and domestic.. Learn more about the fantastic business opportunities we have to offer
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